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Sailing the Nile Cruises on the river Nile through the heart of Egypt, among the fertile Nile valley, surrounded by golden sand dunes and the temples of Ancient Egypt, enjoy the Nile Cruise down the River from Aswan to CairoAswan to LuxorAswan to Abu Simbel or vice versa. Rediscover the Sightseeing in Egypt with the variety of Tours in Egypt, in the morning get pleasure from the soft rays of the sun and swim in the pool of the Nile Cruise deck whereas the Egyptian farmers till their land and fishermen cast their nets, and also birds fly in the sky.
Tour Egypt Club, offer Nile cruises packages combined with holidays in Cairo or Hurghada on the Red Sea coast. Our Nile cruise Packages will depend both on your budget and on whether you want a more ‎luxurious, Classic, or Adventure vacation.