Beni Hasan Tombs

Necropolis located on the east bank of Nile some 23 km north of el-Minya, dating principally to the 11th and 12th Dynasties (2125-1795 BC) although there are some small tombs dating back to the 6th Dynasty (2345-2181 BC). There are thirty-nine rock-cut tombs at Beni Hasan, several of them belonging to the provincial governors of the 'oryx’ nome (province).

A number of the 11th and 12th Dynasty tombs are decorated with wall-paintings of funerary rituals and daily life, including depictions of Asiatic traders, battle scenes and rows of wrestlers. There is also an extensive cemetery of Middle Kingdom shaft tombs excavated by John Garstang in the early 1900s. The equipment from these undecorated tombs, including painted coffins and models, forms an important corpus with regard to the funerary beliefs of the Middle Kingdom. At the southern end of the site is a New Kingdom rock-cut temple, the SPEOS ARTEMIDOS.

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