The Fortress of Babylon at old Cairo, within which lies ‎the Coptic museum was erected inside” it, was built by ‎Trajan in 98.B.C. on the river Nile.‎ Doubtless it was smaller than in the next period, ‎because the Emperor Arcadius renewed it and ‎enlarged some parts of it in 395A.D. But some people ‎say that it goes back to ancient Egyptian period. It was ‎also said that the fortress was built instead of the ‎Babylon Citadel which was built by the Persians near ‎here on top of the mountain, and the Arab historians ‎say that the Persians began its architecture then the ‎Romans completed it. Diodorus the historian said: ‎That the prisoners of the war who were captured by ‎Ramses II disobeyed him and occupied the Habnin ‎citadel on the river side towards Memphis to the north; ‎they fought with the provinces nearby and not stop ‎fighting until Ramses gave them their freedom and ‎security. And since they obeyed him and became calm ‎by permitting them to live in the region which they ‎occupied that it be a private colony so they built there ‎a city which they called Babylon, in the name of the ‎capital of their home country.‎