Kharga Oasis

The largest of the Western Desert Oases its name in Arabic means "the outside" located in the southernmost of Egypt, ‎Kharga Oasis occupies a depression around 160 kilometers long and from 20 kilometers to 80 kilometers wide about ‎‎200 kilometers west of the Nile, from Asyut city 232 kilometers and around 550 kilometers fromCairo.Kharga Oasis's ‎lowest point is more or less at sea level, and the highest is 400 m above sea level its ‎population is over 100,000‎ Kharga Oasis is considered to be a major administrative center and the capital t of the governorate of the New valley ‎or Al Wadi Al Jadid. The Kharga Oasis was an important transit point for the desert caravans since the period of the ‎‎12th dynasty (1786 BC – 1665 BC). This was a transition period in the Egyptian history when the Hyksos had control ‎over Northern Egypt and the Pharos ruled over Southern Egypt and the Nubia.‎

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