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El Minya considered for Egyptian as the (Bride of Upper Egypt). Minya is ‎located roughly at the border between Upper and Lower Egypt. The name may be ‎originated from the city's name in ancient Egyptian (Men'at Khufu)‎ ‎The ‎population of El-Minya around 5 million people living there, Minya governorate ‎has a ‎large minority of Christians (approximately 35% of the population, particularly in ‎the city of ‎Malawi the governorate is quite large. Located south of Cairo about ‎245 ‎km (153 ‎miles) ‎ in halfway between Cairo and Luxor, and has a total size of 32,279 ‎sq. km ‎‎(12,460 sq. miles) encompassing 9 districts.‎ Minya Governorate is an important agricultural and industrial region. Among its ‎‎principal crops are sugar-cane, cotton, beans, soya beans, garlic, onions, and vegetables ‎‎of various sorts, tomatoes, potatoes, watermelons, and grapes. Among the leading ‎‎local industries are food processing (especially sugar and the drying and grinding of ‎‎onions), spinning and weaving of cotton, perfumes, oils and fats, cement-making, ‎‎quarrying (especially limestone), and brick-making.‎ Tell el Amarna and Beni Hassan are perhaps the two most famous sites located in El ‎‎Minya, though, as mentioned; there are many others as well.‎

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Attraction & Sightseeing in Minya Travel Guide

Tell el Amarna - Akhenaten
(Tell) el- (anc. Akhetaten) Site of a city, located about 280 km south of Cairo, founded by the phar...
Beni Hasan Tombs
Necropolis located on the east bank of Nile some 23 km north of el-Minya, dating principally to the...

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