Valley of the Queens

The Valley of the Queens is the southernmost of the Theban necropolises and is the place where, starting from the Eighteenth Dynasty (about the sixteenth century BC), the first princes and princesses of the royal blood were interred together with personages living in the court circles and, subsequently, starting from the times of Ramesses II, the queens on whom the title of "royal bride" had been bestowed. Later, during the Twentieth Dynasty, Ramesses III renewed the tradition and had the tombs of some of his children prepared in the Valley. The Valley of the Queens or Wadi el-Mellkat, as the natives call it in Arabic, was so named by Champollion, but originally the Egyptians referred to it as Ta-set-neferu, an expression which admits of various interpretations but which can in all likelihood be translated as "the Place of the Children of the Pharaoh", clearly referring to the tombs of the royal princes, rather than "the Site of Beauty", this interpretation being generally more widespread.

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