Ramesseum Temple

Luxor-Temple-King-Ramses-East-Bank-Holiday-Attractions-Luxor-Egypt-Photo-of-Head-of-King-Ramses-in-Luxor-Temple-East-Bank-Luxor-Egypt-Tour-Egypt-Club The Ramesseum...most noble and pure in Thebes as far as great monuments are concerned’. Jean-Francois Champollion, 1829 Ramesses the Great began his mortuary temple in the second year of his reign, and it was not to be completed until some 20 years later. The 'House of millions of years of User-Maat-Re Setepenre [the throne name of Ramesses] that unites with Thebes¬ the city in the domain of Amun’ was ambitiously planned even by Ramesses’ standards; and although ruined and robbed, the temple remains one of the great monuments of Egypt. Diodorus Siculus referred to it as the ‘tomb’ of Ozymandias (derived from User-Maat-Ra), and Strabo gave it the name the Memnonium, and it was widely known until time forgot it. Also called the Memnonium by Napoleon's Expedition, the temple complex - for it originally consisted of two temples and a palace as well as many administrative building - was first called the Ramesseum’ by Champollion, who regarded it as perhaps the greatest of all the storeyed monuments of Thebes.

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