Luxor Temple Complex

Luxor Temple, the southernmost of the monuments of the Theban east bank, was located in the heart of ancient Thebes and, like Karnak, was dedicated to the god Amun or Amun-Re. A special manifestation of the god was worshipped here, however. Like the Amun of Karnak he is depicted in two principal forms - as the blue-painted sky god and the black painted ithyphallic fertility god - but maintained a kind of separate identity and was Visited by the Amun of Karnak each year .The temple was called the Southern Opet or 'Place of Seclusion’ and its god Amenemope 'Amun of the Opet’ 3,000 years of growth in 'The Place of Seclusion’ LuxorTemple provides a fascinating case study in the growth and expansion of Egyptian temples. While it may have been built on the site of even earlier temple structures, the history of the present structure nevertheless embraces over 3,000 years of growth.

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