Pyramid of Meidum

Funerary site of an unusual early pyramid complex and associated private cemetery, situated close to the Fayum region. The pyramid is usually ascribed to Huni (2637-2613), last king of the 3rd Dynasty, although his name does not appear anywhere on the monument and it is perhaps more likely that his funerary monument would have been located at Saqqara (possibly in an unexcavated enclosure to the west of the step pyramids of DJOSER and SEKHEMKHET). The Meidum pyramid may have belonged to his son SNEFERU, whose name is mentioned in graffiti dating to the New Kingdom (1550-1069 BC) in the passage and chamber of a small mortuary temple at the site. Alternatively it may have been completed by Sneferu but begun by Huni, since Sneferu himself appears to have had two pyramid complexes at DAHSHUR.

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