Temple of Hathor at Dendera

Dendera-Temple-carving-Entrance-upper-Egypt-the-photo-of-the-Entrance-carving-Releifes-on-the-walls-of-Dendera-Temple-day-Tour-in-upper-Egypt-Tour-Egypt-ClubDendera is one of the most important temple sites of ‎Egypt and provides examples of a particularly rich ‎variety of later temple features. The area in which the ‎temple is located is that of ancient lunet or Tantere ‎‎(Greek Tentyris), a provincial capital and important ‎religious site during several periods of Egyptian ‎history. Early texts refer to a temple at Dendera which ‎was rebuilt in Old Kingdom times, and several New ‎Kingdom monarchs, including Tuthmosis III, ‎Amenophis III, and RamessesII and III are known to ‎have embellished the structure. The temple of Hathor ‎which stands at the site today dates to the Graeco-‎Roman Period, however, and is one of the best-‎preserved temples of this period in Egypt, surviving ‎despite the destruction of the temples of Hathor's ‎consort Horus and their child Ihy or Harsomptus which ‎originally stood close by.‎

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