The Mosque of Muhammad Ali

This mosque, which is located within the walls of the ‎Citadel, is the gem of Islamic architecture in Egypt, ‎with its high dome and two elegant minarets. It has ‎also been known as the Citadel Mosque or the ‎Alabaster Mosque. The construction and decoration of ‎this mosque took quite a long time. They were initiated ‎by Muhammad Ali in (1246 H. /1830 A.D), and it was ‎added to by Khedive Abbass I and later by Ismail ‎Pasha in 1863. In (1296 H. /1879 A.D) Tawfik Pasha ‎restored the marble courtyard of the mosque. In 1935 ‎the original great dome was pulled down when some ‎fractures appeared in it, and it was rebuilt.‎

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