Al Azhar Mosque in Cairo

Jawhar al-Siqilli, commander of Caliph Al-Mu'izz, ‎started constructing Al Azhar Mosque in (359 H. / 970 ‎A.D), following the establishment of the Cairo walls ‎and completed it in (361 H. / 972 A.D). It was the first ‎Fatimid mosque to be built in Cairo, and the fourth to ‎be built in Egypt after the great mosques of Ibn Al-As. ‎Al-Askar and Ibn Tulun. From the outset the Fatimids ‎focused instruction of the Shiite doctrine in this great ‎Mosque. Circles for learning were held, and great ‎scholars of theology gathered to exchange knowledge. ‎Since that time Al Azhar gained its worldwide ‎reputation as a centre of religious education for the ‎entire Muslim world and stands witness to a host of ‎important events in the long history of Islamic Egypt.‎

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