Kom ombo Temple

Situated between Aswan and Edfu, Kom Ombo is the ancient city of Pa-Sebek, 'the Domain of Sobek', the crocodile god worshipped since Predynastic times, and part of the Upper Egyptian region which was the realm of the old falcon-god Horus. A temple seems to have been built here in the New Kingdom, perhaps on the site of an even earlier structure, but the area did not rise to prominence until Ptolemaic times - to which period almost all the surviving monuments date. The temple, which is dedicated equally to Sobek and to Haroeris (Harwer) or 'Horus the Elder' and their associated deities, stands on a plateau cut by two long dry streams which isolate the site and provide the most spectacular setting of any of Egypt's river temples. Part of the temple's forecourt has, in fact, been eroded by the river, but modern control of the water has checked the threat of further damage and much of the temple remains.

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