The Temple of Osiris

Apart from the ancient, outlying royal structures Abydos which seem to figure in the earliest development of temple forms, the northernmost of the central Abydene monuments is the oldest A little than 1 km (0.6 mile) to the northwest of the I temple in the area called Kom el-Sultan of an ancient temple of the god Kheniamentiu and, from the 12th dynasty on, of Osiris. Artifacts found at the site show activity going from the beginning of the 1st dynasty to the Roman Period They include a fragment of a vase of the 1st dynasty king Aha as well as small figures of men and animals of the same period. Most kings of the Old Kingdom are attested here, as are a number of rulers of the Middle and New Kingdoms including the 18th-dynasty monarchs Amenophis I Tuthmosis III and Amenophis III who all undertook rebuilding here. But the temple itself was built almost entirely of brick-with only a few elements such as doorways constructed of stone- so that very little survives today. The large mud-brick ramparts which surround the area date to the 30th dynasty.

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