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Travel to Egypt with Tour Egypt Club, and enjoy your holiday in Egypt with our elected Tour packages 2019, visit the tourist attractions of Egypt, dive in Red sea and snorkeling. Learn about the history with classical tours, Student Budget Tours , Nile Cruises Packages , Honeymoon holidays , Egypt Golf Holidays , Relaxation and Leisure vacation , Egypt accessible tour or desert Safari in Egypt.


Cheap Vacation Packages
Cheap Vacation Packages
Find Egypt Tours to enjoy your travel Egypt package at the perfect price. You can get all tours which you dream it at affordable prices which you can explore the glory of the Ancie...
Classical Egypt Tours
Tour Packages - Classical Egypt Tours
Egypt Classical and culture Tour packages; Egypt is so rich in culture and has a long and diverse history. Discover the Sightseeing and the Attractions of Egypt such as the awe-ins...
Egypt Desert Safari Tours
Tour Packages - Egypt Desert Safari Tours
Egypt Sahara Safari Trips; The Sahara desert stretching in the north of Africa is the largest and most arid desert in the world, safari tours in Egypt offer adventures beyond fanta...
Student Budget Tours
Tour Packages - Egypt Student Budget Tours
Egypt Backpackers & Student on Budget; whether you're Backpackers, on a student budget or "reality" budget you can now travel to Egypt, our tours which are tailored to ensure a...
City Breaks & Short Tours in Egypt
Tour Packages - City Breaks & Short Tours in Egypt
City Breaks & Short Tours in Egypt, are designed for good stopover, long weekend in Cairo and Short Vacations in Luxor. Tour packages from two to five days with exciting sites...
Dahabiya & Nile Cruises Holidays
Tour Packages Dahabiya & Nile Cruises Holidays
Enjoy our Dahabiya & Egypt Nile Cruises packages, spend a wonderful time on board and sailing down the River Nile between Luxor and Aswan while you explore the historical templ...
Egypt Honeymoon vacations
Egypt Honeymoon Holidays
Romantic Honeymoon in Egypt; Make your honeymoon an event and enjoy a lifetime experience of joy and sightseeing ‎where you enjoy romantic trip to Egypt. Discover the amazing monum...
Red Sea diving Holidays
 Tour Packages - Red Sea diving Holidays
Egypt Red Sea Diving Centers & Sites; Red sea in Egypt has some of the most famous diving centers & sites in the world which are getting very ‎popular and attract thousands...
Egypt Accessible Tours
 Tour Packages - Egypt Accessible Tours
Egypt Handicapped Tours & travellers with disabilities; our special holiday packages & tours designed for wheelchairs, handicaps, slow walker, seniors and special needs wit...
Egypt Golf Vacations
Tour Packages - Egypt Golf Vacations
Golf Vacations in Egypt, enjoy a temperate climate all year round and beautiful landscape which make Egypt one of the ideal places for golf vacation to play golf in the world. Egyp...
Egypt Religious Tours
Tour Packages - Egypt Religious Tours
Holy family & Moses Footsteps in Egypt; Egypt is inglorious into a world full of faith, spirituality since the dawn of human society until today, Egypt has been a heaven and re...
Relaxation Vacation & Luxury Tours packages
Egypt Tour Packages - Relaxation & Leisure Vacation
Enjoy a luxury relaxing & Leisure vacation in Egypt which combines the historical places, beautiful Sea resort and majestic beauty of nature can be a memorable and unparalleled...

Frequently Asked Questions

As a tourism company and specialized in organizing trips in Egypt for 20 years. If you want to cover the most important sightseeing in Egypt, you have to stay for 5 to 8 days. But if you want to spend some days in the red sea you can stay for 8 to 10 Days even from North America.

Many of our holidays include an overnight sleeper train journey from Cairo - Luxor or Aswan and vice versa. The sleeper train is the highest class of rail travel available in Egypt, though by western standards it would be considered of a moderate standard. Cabins on board the sleeper train are equipped with two bunk beds and fresh linen is supplied. Dinner and breakfast are included within the fare.

There are also VIP train and sitting train but the quality is less than sleeper train and without dinner and breakfast.

Try to skip the tank tops and wear a light t-shirt instead. It doesn't need to be long sleeved, just make sure your shoulders are covered and get a hijab or at least bring a scarf to cover your hair during holy mosques tours.

Yes, you will find checkpoints everywhere. They will communicate with the checkpoint at your destination to make sure you reach your destination safely and within a certain time period.The majority of Egyptians are very friendly, courteous and helpful to tourists.As for casual crime (muggings and robberies), is quite is still safe to walk at night as the big cities come alive and most, all the restaurants and cafes are open late.  It is safe to ride taxi's and especially airport and hotel taxi's go through high security checks.


Tickets to all the places mentioned in the program are advised to seek what is included and excluded in the program.

- Economy - basically tourist class - 3 and 4 stars

- Deluxe - The major chain hotels - 4 and 5 star luxury

- This is top of the line hotels, as the Mena House, Grand Hyatt, etc, and are priced according to each request.

Most Egypt visitors come to Egypt by air, but a huge portion of them use Cruises to visit Egypt together among other countries in one single expensive tour.

To travel independently you must be at least 18 years of age. There are no upper age limits on our tours however travelers aged 70 years or older are required to complete a medical questionnaire. Our packages are open to families with children aged between 0 and 17 years of age. Children aged 12 years or older when accompanied by a parents or teachers

Yes, both the US dollar and the Euro are accepted everywhere.

Yes you can, but it not recommended. Our accounts are Canadian therefore the card company will charge you the exchange rate, plus a fee, in addition to the 3.5% we charge. It is best to use Visa as we have a US Visa account and there are no additional fees over the 3.5%.

This will depend upon your tour itself. IF it is an escorted tour you will have one guide for the entire trip (this is done upon request for a private tour). If it’s a guided tour, it is very likely that you will have a different guide in each city.

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