enjoy a tour of one of the most luxurious royal palaces in Egypt. Al-Montazah Palace is distinguished among the palaces of Egypt, with its picturesque location on the Mediterranean coast in Alexandria, and its strange and interesting legendary stories. It is also one of the best and most beautiful architectural structures in Egypt, with its decorations, building style, and bright colors. It is also famous for its gardens that occupy an area of ​​370 acres around the palace, and its beautiful beaches. It was built by Khedive Abbas Helmy II in 1982 on both the Italian, Florentine and Islamic styles. In the Montazah Palace there are some remaining monuments so far, including the clock tower, and also a tea kiosk built in a luxurious Roman style overlooking the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, and the king used it to discuss matters of governance with his ministers, and the Princesses Cinema still remains, which is a large garden surrounded by a wall. It has a large wall equipped to display cinema films. The Montazah Palace is followed by two other palaces similar to it in architecture, namely the Haramlik Palace and the Salamlik Palace.
The Haramlek Palace, where the king’s harem and the women of the court used to reside, which turned into a luxurious hotel for some. The Salamlek Palace, in which the king’s courtiers used to live, was also turned into a tourist hotel.