Hotels & Nile Cruises Frequently asked questions

  • Hotels & Nile Cruises Frequently asked questions

hereunder, some of Hotels & Nile Cruises frequently asked questions as and their answers, hopefully you will questions find what you're looking for. If you didn't find what you are looking for, then email us [email protected] you will get an answer for your question with every help we can do to make your trip so enjoyable.


The difference between the categories in hotels and Nile cruise ships.

The hotel or five star cruise is with a specific occupation, pool, and a casino ... When it gets old, it would be even five star hotel, but could be little noisy with air conditions in the rooms, half of work .. refrigerators. etc. When renewed, it becomes (for companies) 5-star luxury and the price is higher than the normal five-star, but the service would remain the same.

-In Cruises, 5 star luxury hotels, which are more or less the same as 5 star hotels in Europe or in states with very high quality food and beverage services also something very important ... you can find on cruise ships and not in hotels, which is the engine ... if the cruise is old, then the engine is not in good condition and that sometimes affects the tour program.

- The food is also one thing to consider when choosing a cruise ... We have about 250 cruises on the Nile between Luxor and Aswan ... 200 of them are 5 star and 5 star luxury ... some of the 5 star cruise They serve poor quality food and the price of housing is cheap compared to other cruises in the same category (those are always full of Russians and groups in Central Europe, and they do not have much variety in food. Some cruises 5 stars they serve very good food and service.

With us when choosing a cruise, we put all these points in mind to avoid any risk as much as possible.

- So taking all this into account, I can tell you that the categories from 4 star luxury and are well recommended, but some people prefer to save a little money could be wrong in some cases.

If you are willing to make the best, then, 5 star luxury is choice and 5 star be a good option.

- Economy - basically tourist class - 3 and 4 stars

- Deluxe - The major chain hotels - 4 and 5 star luxury

- This is top of the line hotels, as the Mena House, Grand Hyatt, etc, and are priced according to each request.

- If you apply for a specific hotel or cruise, we should apply and quote. Prices fluctuate and base our tour prices in hotels, "where we negotiated fees. We may not be able to get your special request at negotiated rates. Prices tend to be higher.

- These could be three single beds, one double bed and a single withdrawal or a cot. There is no fixed rule; which varies from one hotel to another.

- Within 3 star hotels are often neglected and not recommended. We do not use or book these hotels because they do not meet Western standards.

- The short answer is no. You have to take a portable water kettle if you want coffee or tea in the room.

- Means, two meals a day, breakfast and then lunch or dinner.

- Many hotels & Nile Cruises now have fitness facilities. The higher end hotels are more likely to have these services, along with spa treatments.

- It could be anyone, but usually, our Tour guides are land based and will meet you at each stop for tourism. Rarely guides ships are used.

- Yes. It will be 3 or 4 nights aboard the ship, depending on cruise schedule.

- Nile Cruise of (4 days - 3 nights) from Aswan to Luxor have real time navigation of 1 day &1 night and (5 days - 4 night) cruises from Luxor to Aswan have real time navigation 1 night & 1day. The Nile cruise ship is a floating dockside hotel, and a base for sightseeing in Luxor and Aswan. This means that if you choose to seven days, you simply invest the same trip from (Luxor – Aswan – Luxor), duplication of the same stops and sightseeing.


- There are only few Nile Cruises with balconies, owned and operated by a company to their own groups. Some other ships have large windows that open, and French windows, but these are no balconies.

The Nile boat only for a day and a night, the rest of the time are the docks in Luxor and Aswan, moored alongside other ships. Sometimes you will see up to 6 boats depth. That will make your stay while docked.

- Lake Nasser in south of the Aswan High Dam. There are several luxury cruise high-end operating on Lake Nasser. Views the Sightseeing includes the temples of Abu Simbel, and many other temples rescued from the waters in the construction of the High Dam.

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